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Guaranteed Views

  • Unlike standard advertising on billboards, bus stops, and standard digital displays, the Hybrid Ad Program GUARANTEES that customers standing at our registers will see your ads

​True Target Audience

  • ​Identify locations that match your target goals ensuring that your ads are see by your desired customer base
  • Example: DUI lawyer advertising in a Liquor Store with Tag Line and Phone number printed on each receipt

​Ability to Change as Needed

  • ​Unlike standard advertising, our Digital Network allows you to update and change your ads as needed. No wasted funds on printing and "left-over" materials

​Data Driven Monthly Reports

  • Receive monthly reports that outline the number of times your ad ran in each location, how many customers each location had, and true cost per view

Benefits of hyper local advertising

Advertise at the point of sale during check out and reach targeted audiences